About Amsterdam Nightlife

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Amsterdam is a very famous city in the Netherlands for tourism. People all over the world love to travel to this city and experience everything there is to see about this city rich in culture and history. And one of the single most attractive things about the city in general is the nightlife.

Amsterdam nightlife is some of the most famous in the entire world. When the sun goes down, this city lights up and a whole new world is created. The nightlife in this particular city is mainly concentrated to two districts: culture rich Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. These two districts provide very different feels and environments for people searching for some fun after dark.


Leidseplein is a district in Amsterdam located in the southwest part of the city. It is a more culture rich area and incredibly popular with tourists during the daytime. But, at night, this district doesn’t go to sleep. Not only are there nightclubs all over the district, cafes, street performers and everything else are going well into the night. Arguably, the streets are as interesting as the clubs themselves. You could find entertainment even if you don’t enter a club.

Of course, that doesn’t take anything away from the clubs themselves, as they form the main attraction in the district and the main part of the nightlife in the city. The nightclubs are a unique sort of attraction in this part of the city. Instead of the typical dance nightclub, although that is common, the nightclubs in this area also tend to have a lot more to see for a more refined taste. Dancing and drinking there may very well be, but live shows, performances and music are also common.

If you are looking to see what local music is like in the city of Amsterdam, this is the place where you will find that sort of event. Some of the most interesting clubs to tourists are found in this area, and some are incredibly famous. This is the more interesting side of Amsterdam nightlife.

Married couples and tourists over the age of 30 tend to flock to this area for their after dark entertainment. Locals and tourists alike with a more refined taste and the desire to enjoy a live performance will come here instead of the alternatives. This area is very busy and usually stays so until about 3 or 4 a.m. so you can enjoy the clubs well into the night.


Rembrandtplein has the more unique history of the two districts in Amsterdam, and also has a very different environment than the other. Where the other is rich in culture, this district is most definitely rich in excitement. It attracts a very different crowd than Leidseplein.

This district actually used to be a butter market in the past, but has been transformed to a large amount of clubs, theaters and cafes as well. This makes the area visually a rich mix of historical sites as well as modern architecture. It is incredibly appealing to the eye, even before the sun sets and it lights up. And the largest LCD screen in Europe situated right in it doesn’t hurt, either. This is a place that tourists love to visit just to see the gigantic creation.

Obviously, the district is named after the legendary artist Rembrandt. In fact, it has a gigantic statue of the artist himself situated right in the middle of the district on a patch of grass. It is incredibly noticeable and surrounded by an assortment of memorial statues representing his legendary art. The tribute is a great sculptural creation, but falls short in comparison to the rest of the district after dark.

This district is incredibly busy and full of people. At night it can become a little rowdy, so if you are not up for pretty much constant excitement, then you may want to avoid spending your night out in this area. But if you are looking for excitement and some crazy fun, you will definitely be able to find it here. Be prepared for a long night out, though, and a very tired next day, because this district can really offer some hard partying.

This area is full of busy, popular nightclubs. Some of these can be very large and newly decorated and some are very small and crowded. Either is a great place to visit and enjoy the night dancing away? These clubs tend to play a lot of dance music and are open a little later. They can usually be found open until 4 or even 5 a.m. and the streets will stay busy until very close to that time.

Younger individuals tend to be attracted to the particular kind of Amsterdam nightlife found in this district. Both locals and younger, more daring tourists flock in large numbers to this exciting, rowdy area for a fun, long night of dancing and drinking. This is a great singles scene as well, especially for younger singles.

One area in this particular district is even a popular gay scene. It contains gay nightclubs that are dance-focused and just as rowdy as the rest of the nightclubs in the area. But, this is pretty much the only location in the area where you can find a gay scene that is so popular in the city.

Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein are both very popular districts where you can experience Amsterdam nightlife. They offer a large number of cubs and activities that continue to go on well into night. But, these two particular districts were not at all created equal. In fact, they at times can seem like polar opposites, and therefor attract very different kinds of people.

The former of the two offers a large number of live performances and shows that you can enjoy throughout the night. Some clubs even offer more than one performance per night. On the other hand, the latter of the two districts offers a great place for young people and singles. It can get rowdy, though, so be aware.